We want to work for you and we want to do it in the way that works best for you.

Travel charges:
One way $75 per hour for our time on the road.
We do not charge if one way travel is less than 30 minutes.

On Site Service:
We do the work at your home or office.
We charge for the entire time we are on site and we work exclusively for you during this time.
This is the best option for high priority repairs.

In Shop Service:
We pick up the equipment from you and work on it at our shop, or we connect to your equipment over the internet.
We only charge for the time we spend on the repairs, this means you are not charged things that don't require our attention for example waiting on scans, batch jobs, updates, or loading screens.
This is the best option for more time consuming work like installing operating systems, data recovery, and virus removal.
Please note that this service is not appropriate for all customers.

Contract and flat rate work:
We only offer maintenance contracts and flat rate work to existing customers.
Maintenance contracts are available to meet a wide range of needs including periodic service calls, telephone support, and fixed cost as needed support.
Flat rate work is just what it sounds like, we tell you how much a job will cost and we do the work.

We will be happy to work for you at your clients site.
Some simple guidelines will help keep everyone happy. We will let you know if we have a relationship with your client. We won't market to your client while on site. We will take every opportunity to talk you up, but we won't sell for you. We cannot tell your customers what to do in the future but we will come to you if any customer tries to hire us within 30 days of our subcontracting work.

Hardware repairs are warranted for 30 days.
Custom built computers have a 1 year hardware warranty.
Hardware purchased through us is warranted though the manufacturer first.
Used hardware has a 30 day warranty.
Do to the nature of software it is not possible to warranty software repairs, however in many cases we will redo the work without charge for 30 days.
Anything given for free has no warranty whatsoever.